about us

azúcar con T is a registered CFO kitchen based out of hollister, ca run and operated by chef sandra - a 3rd generation baker born and raised in monterey county.

azucar con t was born in April 2020, with our iconic frozen conchitas, which soon after being born turned vegan friendly. Since then, we have used our family's recipes as well as fused traditional recipes with modern ideas. The creativity and production comes from the mind of chef sandra. 


If you'd like to hear more about our CEO, here's something worth mentioning...
After receiving her Culinary Management, BS degree in 2012 in the bay area, Sandra moved back to monterey county. Sandra has worked in various bakeries (including a few gluten-free bakeries) and been hired for multiple catering or freelance baking gigs. Sandra can sometimes be a "jack of all trades" as she also has over 7 years experience supervisory experience with child nutrition programs, is a self-taught graphic designer, and event planner.

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